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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the FAQ's that we have received!

Training Center
What is the ProCert Training Center Locator?

The ProCert Training Center Locator is a place where you can find local training centers.  ProCert Certified Training Centers have met stringet standards of quality so you can be confident you're choosing a training center that is best in class.

What language capabilities does ProCert Labs have?
ProCert Labs language capabilities include English, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Arabic. We currently have testers are fluent in these languages, with several testers teaching their respective language as an element of their career.
Which courseware modalities does ProCert Labs test?

ProCert Labs' flexible testing methodology allows for various modes of courseware to be tested in a consistent manner. ProCert Labs can currently accommodate testing for the following modes of courseware delivery: 

  1. Print (including books, guides and manuals)
  2. Video (including VHS, PAL, SECAM and DVD formats)
  3. CBT (all computer-based training including CD-ROM and diskette)
  4. ILT (instructor-led training is usually based on Print modalities)
  5. IBT (Internet-based training delivered via popular browser platforms)
  6. PDA (Personal Digital Assistant training including Palm, Windows CE)
  7. Assessment Exams in various delivery methods 

If new modalities should appear on the scene, our testing tools and utilities can easily adapt to accommodate them.

What is the cost of a courseware test by ProCert Labs?

Please contact ProCert Labs Sales for pricing information.

Does ProCert Labs conduct testing on behalf of certification vendors?

Yes, ProCert Labs specializes in managing third-party courseware review and quality assurance programs. For more information on the programs that we currently support, Click Here.

What types of quality assurance testing does ProCert Labs perform?

The ProCert Labs testing process incorporates three primary areas of testing that result in a thorough and valuable review of courseware products. The three areas of testing are:

  1. Exam Objectives Correlation
  2. Instructional Design Integrity
  3. Benchmark Comparison

ProCert Labs testing is designed to provide critical feedback that can be used for quality benchmarking, product improvement and to identify marketable features. 

What is the ProCert Labs testing process?

Our testing process is conducted over the Web and is organized into sections. The sections, in order of their completion, are: Basic Information; Exam Objectives Correlation Test, Instructional Design Integrity Test, Benchmark Comparison, Vendor Module (if applicable), Summary and Report.  The duration for a typical test is 14 days although our stated expectation and commitment is within 21 days.

What is the Exam Objectives Correlation Test?

The Exam Objectives Correlation is designed to determine whether the course covers all the public certification exam objectives for which it is designed. Courseware must include a reference to 100 percent of the published exam objectives to pass ProCert Labs testing in this area.

What is the Instructional Design Integrity Test?

The Instructional Design Integrity test determines whether the course meets instructional design standards to assure customers that exam concepts are logically organized and conceptually understandable. This testing section is specific to the modality and target audience of the course and is based on assessing incidents of integrity on both the Lichert scale (1-5) and a binary scale (yes/no). The Instructional Design test relies on commonly accepted learning theories and instructional design research.

What is the Benchmark Comparison?

The Benchmark Comparison is a review and correlation of courseware to our list of fourteen key elements of effective courseware. This test is conducted to provide an apples-to-apples comparison of courseware products in a standardized forum.

How are ProCert Labs tests scored?

Each section of testing is scored independently and then averaged into the overall score with weighted consideration. Each section of testing is weighted to provide a balanced assessment of critical factors with less important ones. An overall score is based on a scale of 1-5, with five being the best. It is possible to score poorly in a lower-weighted section and still do well on the overall test. Courseware must achieve an overall score of three or better to pass.

How can I tell if a course has passed ProCert Labs testing?

A course that passes ProCert Labs testing is eligible to receive and display the ProCert Labs Tested service mark for that course. The ProCert Labs Tested service mark is a symbol of quality and assurance that the course is accurately designed to help customers achieve certification.

What benefits do courseware developers get when their courses pass?

A course that achieves a passing mark is eligible to receive and use the ProCert Labs Tested service mark for marketing and promotion. In addition, passing courseware is eligible to receive a positive review and posted to our online courseware finder.

Can a courseware vendor refute the results of a ProCert Labs test?

Yes. ProCert Labs invites courseware developers to refute any comments provided in a ProCert Labs report. Refuted items must include the original courseware test number (assigned by ProCert Labs) and documented proof that a comment or finding is inaccurate. ProCert Labs will consider changes to the test results only if documented evidence provides accurate clarification that a comment made on the original courseware product was incorrect.

Can a course be resubmitted if it fails ProCert Labs testing?

If a course does not pass the ProCert Labs testing process with a three or better, it may be resubmitted with corrections for a second review and tested again at a reduced testing rate. Resubmitted courseware must include documented changes that were made to the course.  For more information on how to resubmit courses email

Are ProCert Labs test results available to everyone?

No. ProCert Labs test results are confidential to ProCert Labs and the submitting courseware developer. You may want to opt in to having some testing information made public, such as the testing score. However, an editorial review is published on each passing courseware product and is featured online at

Does ProCert Labs collect logo license fees for third-party programs?

Yes, in cases where our program vendor partners have requested that we collect applicable logo license fees on behalf of the program.

When will I get the objectives?

The objectives for Microsoft Office 2010 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams are available now. 

The objectives for CompTIA exams are available now.

The objectives for Adobe CS5 ACE exams are available now.

The objectives for Adobe CS5 ACA exams are available now.


Please contact for the most current Objectives.

How long does the courseware testing process take?

The courseware testing process normally takes no longer than 21 days.  Special courses, languages and long video courses may take longer.

Are there fees for membership in the Microsoft Vendor of Approved Courseware (VAC) Program?

There is an annual program fee of $1500 in addition to the courseware testing fees (review fees vary depending on amount of content).

Will the 2010 MOS program have the same logo as the 2007 MOS program?

YES. The MOS logo for the new program is the same as the 2007 Logo.

What happened to the MCAS Program and Logo?

The MCAS Program was renamed back to the Microsoft Office Specialist Program (MOS).


What restrictions are there on the use of program logos?

In addition to following the standard Logo Usage Guidelines that accompany each program enrollment, you will have access and may use the logos once your courseware has been tested and approved.

When will I receive logo usage guidelines?

You will receive logo usage guidelines with your online application.

What steps do I need to take if I want to update the courseware I have produced for currently existing programs?

You can submit any updates to existing courseware to ProCert Labs.

Who should I contact for questions or issues regarding the different courseware authorization programs?

Please direct questions to ProCert Labs directly via email at or by phone (801) 802-8774.

Is it possible to fail ProCert Labs Testing and still receive a program logo?

NO, all Program Vendors require a course to pass the ProCert Labs requirements.

Can I use the ProCert Tested Logos?

YES, courses that pass the ProCert Labs requirements may use the ProCert Tested Logos.